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"Bright Lights" is the first story that is featured in the sixth episode of Season 2.


A woman who is on her way to visit her sick grandmother gets lost, and stops at a seedy bar to reexamine her map, and to get some coffee, since it is almost midnight. One of the barflies, a tow-truck driver named Gunnar, attempts small talk with the woman, but she politely excuses herself from his presence, returns to her car, and drives away, failing to notice Gunnar following her in his tow truck.

The woman eventually notices Gunnar tailing her; he keeps flashing his high beams and honking his horn, and soon begins bumping the woman's car with his truck. The woman panics, and attempts to call for aid on her cellphone, which she ends up accidentally dropping. While reaching for the dropped cellphone, the woman is forced to stop her car, with Gunnar following suit. Gunnar exits his truck, armed with a shotgun, and orders the woman out of her car, before issuing the same order to the knife-wielding man who was hiding in the woman's backseat. After subduing the man, Gunnar apologizes for scaring the woman, and explains that he kept flashing his lights and honking his horn to keep the woman's would-be assailant distracted while he tried to get the woman to pull over by bumping her car with his truck.


  • Patricia Charbonneau as Narrator
  • Don Gibb as Gunnar
  • Robin Bernardi as Waitress
  • Zander Villayne as Killer (Uncredited)