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Episode list[]

Each episode featured 5 stories, all of which defied logic, but some of which were based on actual events. The viewer was offered the challenge of determining which were true and which were false. At the end of the show, it was revealed to the viewer which tales were true (the stories bolded on this list) and which ones were works of fiction. Of the 225 stories told over the course of the 45 episodes, 132 (59%) were revealed to be "fact." Each episode of the series' run had at least 1 "fiction" story and at least 2 "fact" stories.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

  • Episode 1: Morning Sickness, The Curse of Hampton Manor, Wax Executioner, Blood Bank & Ring Toss
  • Episode 2: One for the Road, The Music Box, Two to One, Damsel & The Horn
  • Episode 3: The Find, The Golden Cue, The FBI Story, The Gravedigger's Nemesis & Last Rites
  • Episode 4: E-Mail, Blood Donor, Epitaph, Stitches in Time & The Soldier
  • Episode 5 (Dream Special): The Nightmare, The Stalker, The Impossible Car Dream, The Dresser & The Burial
  • Episode 6: Red Line, Two Sisters, Eclipse, The Ice Box & The Gathering
  • Episode 7: Connie, Positive I.D., Trucker, Cook-Out & The New House
  • Episode 8: Creepy Comics, Louie the Dip, The Wailing, The Landlady & Curse
  • Episode 9: For the Record, Halloween, Precious, Get Your Kicks at Motel 66 & Phantom Drifter
  • Episode 10: Devil's Tattoo, Static Man, The Bloody Hand, Where Have All the Heroes Gone & War Surplus
  • Episode 11: Deadbeat Dad, Ghost Town, The Sewing Machine, The Sleepwalker & Money Laundry
  • Episode 12: The Handyman, Anatole, Makeup Magic, Screwdriver & Charlie
  • Episode 13: The Dealer, Gratuity, The Cake, 1st Time Offender & The Mirror of Truth

Season 4[]

  • Episode 1: The Devil's Autograph, Mail Order Degree, The News Stand, The Murder of Roy Hennessey & Mysterious Strangers
  • Episode 2: Writer's Agent, Crypt Ghost, The Doll, Hubert's Curse & Shared Vision
  • Episode 3: Out of Service, When I Was Big, The Greedy Investor, Seven Hours of Bad Luck & The Secret of the Coins
  • Episode 4: Second Sight, The Fine Line, The Wrong Turn, Who Was I & You Are Next
  • Episode 5: House of Shadows, One Hand in the Till, Teasdale's Motor Car, The Vision & The Grave
  • Episode 6: The Dorm, The Child Artist, The Weatherman, Sit-Down Comic & Room 245
  • Episode 7: The Wreath, Terror Night, Tants, The Candidate & The Ring
  • Episode 8: Caitlin's Candle, The Flower Jury, The Mentor, The Old Bike & The Music Teacher
  • Episode 9: The Wealthy Widow, The Witness, The Accident, Bad Dreams & Mental
  • Episode 10: Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker & Hot Car
  • Episode 11: The Mystery Of Douglas Hibbard, Wheelchair Man, The Vigil, The Mandarin's Bowl & Ghost Writer
  • Episode 12: Witness to Murder, Roulette Wheel, The Phrenologist's Head, The Bridge & The Cigar Box
  • Episode 13: The Hand, The Battered Doll, Poker Justice, Above the Clouds & Screen Saver

Short Summary[]

  • The Apparition: A woman is plagued by a horrifying spectre in a mirror.
  • The Electric Chair: A condemned man is spared by fate.
  • On the Road: A singer brings her family together from beyond death.
  • Number One With a Bullet: An unfaithful husband finds he can't escape justice.
  • Dream House: A woman's dream of the perfect home might be more than just a fantasy.
  • The Viewing: A mortuary gets a late night visitor.
  • The Subway: A couple's ride on the subway becomes a nightmare.
  • Kid in the Closet: A young boy lives in fear of a monster in his closet.
  • Justice is Served: A defendant in a murder trial is confronted by the spirit of his victim.
  • The Tractor: A bitter stroke victim finds the strength to save his granddaughter's life.
  • The Prophecy: Three girls contact a malevolent force with a Ouija board.
  • Couch Potato: A man's life is saved by his one true love, his television.
  • Love Over the Counter: A woman finds that her deceased husband is giving her tips to the stock market.
  • Imaginary Friend: A little girl's imaginary friend tells her about events that have yet to happen.
  • Last Man on Earth: A divorced couple are reunited by a mysterious radio message.
  • E-Mail: A mysterious E-mailer helps a lawyer's assistant prevent a fraud.
  • Cup of Joe: A billboard helps save the life of three teenage girls.
  • Secret of the Family Tomb: An unseen force vandalises a family crypt.
  • Wheezer: A young boy's beloved dog won't let death keep him from his best friend.
  • The Unknown Patient: A devoted doctor is given otherworldly help to identify a patient he lost.
  • Needle Point: A doll maker working as a secretary uses a hidden talent to exact revenge on her cruel boss.
  • Toy to the Rescue: A sickly boy has a powerful bond with his favorite toy.
  • Mystery Lock: An elderly woman is protected by a very special lock on her door.
  • The House on Baker Street: A family is tormented by a lingering spirit bent on repeating history.
  • The Train: A chance encounter brings together two people whose family members are bound by a grim fate.
  • The Candlestick: A murderer is outed by a very unlikely source.
  • The Diner: An elderly couple run a diner where the special of the day is murder.
  • From the Agency: A mysterious temp worker saves a child locked in an airtight vault.
  • The Magic Rose Garden: An elderly woman's rose garden grants her mystical insight.
  • The Jeep: A pair of soldiers find themselves saved by the very bomb meant to kill them.
  • Kirby: An animatronic gorilla seems to have a life of its own.
  • Dust: Two men have a ghostly encounter with a beautiful woman.
  • Malibu Cop: A police officer tries to solve a murder with a culprit close to home.
  • A Joyful Noise: Members of a church choir find themselves being kept from practice by a series of coincidences.
  • The Hooded Chair: A wealthy man purchases an antique chair said to bring misfortune to all who have sat in it.
  • The Motorcycle: A horse leads his owner to an old motorcycle.
  • Blind Man's Dog: The howl of a man's seeing eye dog becomes a death warning.
  • Deer Hunters: A deer hunter trespasses onto a native american land.
  • Tribal Curse: A graduate student abroad faces repercussions for violating a tribes custom.
  • The Card Game: An old man and his dog teach a crooked card shark a lesson.
  • Merry-Go-Round: A woman tries to reopen an old attraction reputed to be cursed.
  • Red Eyed Creature: A family's new home is haunted by a terrifying being with glowing red eyes.
  • Used Car Salesman: An unscrupulous car salesman is punished after his negligence causes tragedy.
  • Surveillance Camera: A convenience store worker has an encounter with two different robbers.
  • Graffiti: Mysterious graffiti appears all around a school in the 1940's.
  • Morning Sickness: A teenage girl shows signs of pregnancy, but claims that she can't be.
  • The Curse of Hampton Manor: A slick real estate agent sells a mansion with a curse.
  • Wax Executioner: A wax figure of an executioner seems determined to complete his function.
  • Blood Bank: A nurse finds herself in danger from a mysterious patient with a horrifying secret.
  • Ring Toss: A strange old man teaches a crooked carnie a lesson about playing fair.


  • Bon Voyage: Only the details about the passenger surviving a shipwreck on board the LZ 129 Hindenburg were fiction.
  • The Man in the Model T: Only the details about the relics the Model-T driver connected to the Titanic were fiction.

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