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"Imaginary Friend" is the fourth story that is featured in the third episode of Season 1.


Alice is a young girl with an imaginary friend named Sidney. Liz, a friend of Alice's mother, Maggie, thinks that Alice is too old to have an imaginary friend, but her concerns are dismissed by Maggie, who thinks that Alice is just going through a phase. While getting ready for ballet practice, Alice mentions that Sidney had told her that Liz is getting a divorce, which is something that Liz had not mentioned to anyone.

Later, while Maggie is conversing over the telephone with her friend, Diane, Alice urges her mother to tell Diane to check on her daughter, Rebecca. Alice claims that Sidney had told her that something is wrong with Rebecca, and that she needs to be helped immediately, or else she will die. Diane does check on Rebecca, and discovers her unconscious and burning up from a fever. Diane rushes Rebecca to the hospital, which saves her life.

A concerned Maggie tries to convince Alice that there is no Sidney. As Alice vehemently insists that Sidney is real, she suddenly bluntly states that Sidney has just told her that Aunt Doris is dead. Seconds later, Maggie gets a call confirming Doris's death. A terrified Maggie orders Alice to stop interacting with Sidney, but she has no actual way to enforce this edict, and can only listen from the other side of Alice's bedroom door as Alice continues to happily play and converse with Sidney, who is revealed to live in one of Alice's dresser drawers.


  • Brittany Alyse Smith as Alice
  • Barbara K. Whinnery as Maggie (Narrator)
  • Rende Rae Norman as Liz Kimball
  • Elizabeth Swackhamer as Diane Emory