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"Last Man on Earth" is the fifth and final story that is featured in the third episode of Season 1.


Brenda and Steven's relationship has fallen apart, so the two separate. Both of them end up moving to Los Angeles. Brenda's first post-breakup date goes badly, with her date forgetting her name and reacting with over-the-top disgust to her choice of wine. Steven's date initially goes better, until his and Brenda's favorite song starts playing on the radio, which kills the mood. When his date tries to initiate sex, a disheartened Steven awkwardly asks her to leave.

While Brenda and Steven are wallowing, their respective radios begin playing a DJ named Ricky Strong. Strong relays a message urging a woman named Brenda and a man named Steven to reunite at the Santa Monica Pier. Amused by the message, Brenda and Steven both visit the pier, and do end up reuniting. As Brenda and Steven walk off together, another woman named Brenda and another man named Steven, who are presumably the ones who the radio broadcast was actually referring to, are also shown embracing while deciding to give their relationship another chance. The next morning, Brenda and Steven check out every radio station in Los Angeles, and learn that none of them have any record of playing the Ricky Strong message.


  • Lewis Smith as Steven
  • Sydney Walsh as Brenda
  • Kevin West as Brenda's Date
  • Kim Oja as Steven's Date
  • Cynthia Basinet as Other Brenda
  • Steve Moloney as Other Steven