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"Love Over the Counter" is the third story that is featured in the third episode of Season 1.


Patricia Kelley has just lost her husband, Jonathan, and is informed by Jonathan's best friend and business partner, Kris Templar, that all of Jonathan's investments fell through, so he had no money to leave Patricia in the event of his death. Kris gives Patricia a thousand dollars, which Patricia, on a hunch, invests. The investment pays off, as do all of the subsequent ones that Patricia makes. Patricia believes that her financial success is due Jonathan watching out for and guiding her from beyond the grave.

One night, Jonathan and Patricia's wedding photograph falls behind the nightstand, and as Patricia recovers it, she finds a bunch of Jonathan's financial papers. Patricia looks over the paperwork, and realizes that Kris lied about Jonathan losing all of his money; in reality, Kris stole it. Patricia begins ignoring Kris, and after getting what she thinks is another sign from Jonathan, sells all of her shares in her latest investment, while neglecting to tell Kris (who had invested everything that he had in the same company) to do the same. Patricia becomes even richer, while Kris goes broke, and is later arrested for embezzlement.


  • Ashley Gardner as Patricia Kelley (Narrator)
  • David Starzyk as Kris Templar