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"Magic Mightyman" is the second story that is featured in the sixth episode of Season 2.


Lenny Fields is a comedy writer who spends every morning jogging through the local park, where he has befriended a homeless woman named Gloria. After stopping to chat with Gloria during his latest run, Lenny is ambushed by a pair of thugs, who steal his valuables and his clothes (except for his underwear) before locking him in one of the disused cages in a nearby abandoned zoo where Gloria lives.

Gloria finds and frees Lenny, and offers him an old Halloween superhero costume, which Lenny reluctantly puts on. After donning the super suit, Lenny begins to feel unusually confidant, and proceeds to track down his two assailants. As the muggers taunt and try to attack him again, Lenny effortlessly throws them around like ragdolls while calling himself "Mightyman." Lenny reclaims his valuables from the muggers, and walks off with Gloria; as the two head out to get something to eat, Lenny asks Gloria he can keep the Mightman suit for a little while longer, since he has a high school reunion coming up, and would like to surprise some of his old bullies.


  • Nick Toth as Lenny Fields
  • Lynn Moyses as Gloria
  • Chris Ufland as Mugger #1
  • Todd Gorang as Mugger #2