The Apparition is the first story featured in the first episode of Season 1.


Mona Watson had a nervous breakdown a time ago and is worried that she might have a relapse. She recently lost both her parents within a short time of each other. She is also having problems within her marriage.

When she starts to see the ghostly apparition of a blood-stained woman in her hallway mirror, she goes to see her psychiatrist, terrified that she might be losing her mind. Although her psychiatrist reassures her, Mona still sees the visions.

One night, her husband is stranded during a thunderstorm and Mona has to go to bed on her own. She covers the mirror with a cover and retires to bed.

Later, an intruder breaks in and Mona encounters him in the hallway. He is brandishing a knife, and during a struggle with Mona, he knocks the cover off the mirror. He, too, sees the vision. It spooks him so badly that he falls backwards off the stairs. The vision has saved Mona's life.

When the prowler is apprehended, it transpires that he had murdered a woman. When Mona sees the image in the newspaper, she recognises the woman as the vision in the mirror. Mona never sees the vision again.


  • Toni Kalem - Mona Watson (Narrator)
  • David Underwood - George Watson
  • Jean St. James - Ghost
  • Elayn Taylor - Dr. Hayes
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