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"The Diary" is the third story that is featured in the fifth episode of Season 2.


Kim Maddox is a high school student who has uncontrollable visions of the future, which she transcribes in a diary that she keeps on her laptop. Kim is an outcast who is regarded as strange by her peers, especially two popular girls named Daley and Rasha. Kim longs to be friends with Daley and Rasha, even though the two tease and bully her relentlessly.

One day, Daley and Rasha taunt Kim through one of her house's windows, and when Kim leaves a few minutes later, the two sneak into her home, and begin perusing her diary. Daley and Rasha read Kim's predictions, including the ones about them; Daley will be dumped by her boyfriend, Travis, while Rasha will have to attend summer school (and miss out on a family vacation to Europe) due to failing civics class. After Kim's predictions come true, Daley and Rasha sneak back into her house to read her diary again, and find an entry mentioning a fire breaking out at Daley's house seconds before one does.

Kim's power intrigues Daley and Rasha, who spend the day with her after feigning repentance for their bullying ways. Kim realizes that Daley and Rasha have not actually changed when, after inviting them to see a film with her later that night, she overhears them call her a "freak." Kim afterward has a vision of Daley and Rasha dying in a car crash on their way to a party being held by a boy named Brad, and writes about this in her diary, which she suspects Daley and Rasha have been reading. Daley and Rasha proceed to break into Kim's house once again, to read her diary one final time before infecting her laptop with a virus. Daley and Rasha do not believe the entry about them dying in an auto accident, presumably convinced that it is just Kim's way of trying to trick them into going to the theatre with her instead of the party, and head out to Brad's place.

Kim is shown sitting in the theatre alone, holding back tears as her narration reveals that Daley and Rasha did die in a car accident on their way to Brad's party.


  • Caitlin Mowrey as Daley
  • Tami-Adrian George as Rasha
  • Dawn Worrall as Kim Maddox (Narrator)