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The Doll is the third story in second episode of Season 4. It is revealed as fact.


On the first day of school, Susan Franklin, an elementary school teacher, meets a young girl named Ashley. She asks Susan to give her doll back. Her doll is named Rebecca, wearing a pink dress, long brown hair and a blinking eye. Susan explains she doesn't have it, but Ashley persists and tells her to return the doll tomorrow.

Susan returns home. She asks her mother if her doll collection is still in the garage. In the garage, she finds the exact doll Ashley was talking about. Her mother explains that the doll belonged to Susan's friend named Ashley. When she was eight-years-old, they were best friends and inseparable. One day they both had a tea party with their dolls. Ashley left her doll at Susan's house since she would be back the next day. However that night, she and her mother were murdered. It was a traumatic time for Susan and so she had blocked it all from her mind.

The next day. Susan returns the doll to Ashley. She asks if she is sure that the doll is hers. Ashely is certain it's Rebecca since the doll has a big red heart. She shows a drawn love heart on the doll's chest to Susan. Susan remarks that Ashely looks identical to her young friend Ashley.


  • Emmanuelle Vaugier as Susan Franklin
  • Gabrielle Rose as Susan's mother
  • Alexandria Mitchell as Ashley
  • Chantel Sarazin as ?


  • The segment of this episode is called The Doll. In Criminal Minds: The Uncanny Valley (2010), Jonathan Frakes plays a character who uses dolls as therapy for his patients.