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"The Electric Chair" is the second story that is featured in the first episode of Season 1.


Ray Michael Edmondson is on death row awaiting his imminent execution by electrocution. He was convicted of first degree murder for allegedly shooting a store clerk.

His attorney, Lee Calvin, believes him to be innocent but he cannot convince the state. Two eyewitnesses saw Ray gun down the owner of the store. He had no alibi, but there also was no physical evidence.

On the day of his execution, everything proceeds as normal. The apparatus is tested and Ray is led into the chair and strapped in. As the time reaches twelve O'clock the lever is dropped, and then nothing. His head strap is checked and the lever dropped again. No electricity passes into Ray's body.

Ray is led back to his cell. The circuits are checked but nothing is found to be amiss. Fate has accomplished what Ray's lawyer could not.

During his twenty-four hour reprieve, a liquor store was held up by a man who bears a remarkable resemblance to Ray. The man later admitted to the crime that Ray was convicted of. Ray is subsequently released two days before his fiftieth birthday.


  • Tim de Zarn as Raymond Michael Edmondson
  • Kevin Jackson as Lee Calvin
  • Raymond Lynch
  • Roger Hampton
  • Gary Imhoff