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"The Gun" is the second story that is featured in the first episode of Season 2.


A neighborhood has been subject to a string of home invasion robberies. After their neighbor's house is robbed, Tom North teaches his wife, Mrs. North, how to use his father's old handgun. Tom's father was a police officer, and Tom tells his wife that the man had once boasted, "This gun only shoots bad people." One night, Mrs. North has a nightmare in which she is unable to stop the burglar from attacking her because the gun has jammed.

A few days later, Tom goes away on a business trip, leaving Mrs. North alone. Mrs. North is awakened by noises coming from downstairs in the middle of the night, and grabs the gun. Mrs. North tries to shoot an intruder, but the gun refuses to fire, no matter how many times Mrs. North pulls its trigger. The intruder turns out to be Tom and Mrs. North's son. As a relieved Mrs. North embraces her son, she drops the gun, which fires errant shots as it bounces down the stairs, one of which ends up hitting and killing the burglar.


  • Molly Cheek as Mrs. North (Narrator)
  • James Stephens as Tom North
  • Ian Bohen as Son (Uncredited)