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"The Pass" is the fourth story that is featured in the first episode of Season 2.


Kevin O'Donnell is a hospitalized teenager who is sharing a room with Eddie, another hospitalized teenaged boy who is the son of one of the hospital's MDs, Doctor Anderson. Eddie has a heart murmur, though he and Kevin are unaware of this. When Eddie's father visits him one night, Kevin swipes the man's hospital key card. After Doctor Anderson leaves, Kevin convinces Eddie to accompany him to the hospital's morgue, which they gain entry to using Doctor Anderson's pass.

As Kevin and a reluctant Eddie are exploring the morgue, they hear someone enter it, and hide. An orderly drops off a new body, which is still zipped up in a body bag. When Kevin and Eddie come out of hiding, the former dares the latter to open the body bag. Eddie does so, and discovers that the body bag contains a corpse that looks exactly like him. As Eddie starts screaming, Kevin faints.

Kevin comes to hours later, back in his hospital bed. He overhears a pair of nurses mention that Eddie's twin brother, Chad, died in a car accident, and that Eddie himself died of a shock-induced heart attack after seeing his body in the morgue.


  • Matthew Bartilson as Eddie Anderson/Chad Anderson
  • Justin Urich as Kevin O'Donnell (Narrator)
  • Marcy Goldman as Nurse #1
  • Jodie Mann as Nurse #2
  • David Ruprecht as Doctor Anderson