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"The Plane" is the first story that is featured in the first episode of Season 2.


Michael Rater flies his personal airplane to the Ridgeline Airport, to pick up a package that an old family friend named Chuck needs delivered. As he disembarks from his plane, Michael fails to notice that it is dripping oil. While Chuck goes to get the package, Michael spots an old photograph of himself and his father, a fellow pilot who died shortly after giving Michael his aviator badge, which Michael has since misplaced. Michael begins flashing back to his father's death in a plane crash, but is snapped out of it by Chuck, who points out that someone is hijacking Michael's plane.

As his plane flies around in circles, Michael notices the puddle of oil that has leaked from it. The plane begins spewing smoke, and bursts into flames in mid-air before crashing. Michael rushes towards his downed plane, and finds it empty, except for his father's long-lost aviator badge, which has been left hanging from one of the plane's steering wheels.


  • Brian Van Holt as Michael Rater (Narrator)
  • Chuck McCann as Roger
  • Ruth DeSosa as Mrs. Rater
  • Brian Vickers as Young Michael Rater
  • Skip Holm as Pilot