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"The Portrait" is the third story that is featured in the first episode of Season 2.


William Corzine is a painter who started out painting landscapes before moving on to portraits. William at some point discovered that anyone whose portrait he paints invariably dies a few days later, so now he only paints consenting people who are doomed to die anyway from terminal illnesses, having essentially become an Angel of Mercy serial killer who uses his power to put a premature end to the suffering of others.

William's two most recent subjects are a woman named Edith Waterson, and a man named Daniel. After he completes Daniel's portrait, William is approached by a young woman named Michelle Taylor. Michelle claims to be dying, and tells William that Edith had told her about him and his "gift." William paints Michelle, who dies a few days later.

After Michelle's death, a police detective visits William, who learns that Michelle had lied about being sick. In reality, she was just depressed over a bad breakup, and had manipulated William into helping her commit suicide. William, distraught over having killed someone who was not actually dying, paints a self-portrait, and dies of a heart attack almost immediately after completing it.


  • James Morrison as William Corzine
  • Kimberly Bailey as Michelle Taylor
  • Melissa Piro as Amy
  • Eve Brenner as Edith Waterson
  • Huck Liggett as Daniel
  • Bruno Alexander as Detective