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"The Student" is the third story that is featured in the sixth episode of Season 2.


Vanessa Robinson always wanted to be a teacher, but after getting a job as one at a troubled inner city school, she begins to have doubts about the profession; most of her students are delinquents who do not care about their futures, something that is made abundantly clear when almost all of them do not even bother responding to an essay question that asks them what they want to do with their lives. After most of Vanessa's students leave her classroom, a straggler who she does not recognize hands in his copy of the essay, and then exits the room, disappearing before Vanessa has a chance to catch up with him.

Vanessa looks over the student's paper, which says his name is Rudy Hernandez. Rudy's essay is eloquent, and in it he writes about wanting to become a teacher, which he believes is the most important profession in the world, because teachers help to fight ignorance and stem its spread of hatred and poverty; Rudy concludes his essay by writing, "Of course, being a teacher isn't easy. A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. But a truly great teacher inspires. When a great teacher helps save one student, she helps save the whole world. I think you are that kind of teacher. You are the kind of teacher that I would want to be."

After she finishes reading the paper, Vanessa notices that Rudy has returned to the classroom. Vanessa tries to talk to Rudy, but he just slowly and silently advances on her, with a menacing look on his face. An uneasy Vanessa hops out of her chair in fright, and narrowly misses being hit by bullets that were fired by a drive-by shooter. Rudy's expression softens, and he smiles at Vanessa before vanishing. A pair of fellow teachers enter the classroom and comfort Vanessa, who mentions that she would have died had it not been for Rudy Hernandez. This puzzles the other two teachers, who explain that Rudy was a promising honor role student who was killed in a drive-by shooting shortly before his graduation. Vanessa tries to find Rudy's essay to prove that he was there with her, but the paper is gone.


  • Julia Glander as Vanessa Robinson (Narrator)
  • Dianne Turley-Travis as Teacher #1
  • Dante Basco as Rudy Hernandez
  • Lou Plante as Teacher #2
  • Joshua LeCour as Student