The Wallet is a story from Season 2, Episode 8

In the story, a hardworking young teenager applying for an athletic scholarship in college becomes the sole heir to a family fortune from a relative who was a stranger to him.

Plot Edit

Orphaned from birth, Jason has spent his youth living with foster parents. A hardworking and good-natured teenager, Jason had big dreams. However, his foster parents couldn't afford a college tuition fee, so he joins the football team and worked hard with both academics and gameplay, hoping to apply for an athletic scholarship for college. Everyday, he practiced football.

However, while walking home after classes on one day, Jason decided to take a shortcut to the local park and practice with his friend. As they retrieve their ball and head for someplace to eat, the two discover a wallet and examine its contents; it has no cash but it contains cards of all kinds ranging from credit to debit to shopping rewards. Jason checks the driver's license and identifies the owner as Henry Newman. He also discovers that the address, Hancock Park, an affluent neighborhood which only happened to be a walking distance from where they practiced.

Being taught the value of honesty, Jason resolves to return the wallet. He had passed through the Hancock Park neighborhood dozens of times but on that particular day, felt discomfort as he never knew anyone who lived in the place. He finds the Newman residence, a mini-mansion, and is met by a tall and stern butler, who invites him in.

As the butler excuses himself to get Mr. Arnold, Jason becomes confused as he asked for Henry Newman. While waiting, Jason explores the foyer and gazes in amazement at the expensive furniture. He is then met by another tall man who introduces himself as Mr. Preston Arnold, adding that he serves as Newman's lawyer. He invites Jason to the study/library and discusses the matter; he informs that the cards have been long expired and asks for Jason's assistance. When Arnold interrogates Jason further, total confusion and discomfort takes the best of the latter, who stands and backs away only to hit some furniture. Jason then turns and sees framed photos of a man who looks just like him which confuses him even further. Now in fear for his life and dignity, Jason flees the house but not before Arnold informs him that Henry Newman had died two years prior.

Figuring out what to do, Arnold and the butler converse. Arnold quotes that Jason is the "spitting image" of Henry Newman's brother while the butler states that he can still be traced due to his school varsity jacket. After he states that he was looking for a relative who can inherit the Newman fortune, Arnold agrees that Jason himself is the only heir to the wealth.

With that, Jason soon inherits the wealth, which he can use for his college education.

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